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At long last a major upgrade hits the interweb thingy. Having spent far too much time getting stuff prepared for and uploaded to my Fotopic sites I then had to start again on Smugmug after the demise of Fotopic. I have also taken on quite a lot of charitable work which has limited the time available to spend on this site. It is also easier to get my photos onto Smugmug than onto this site, but I have a soft spot for my own site and can’t let it fade away.


So here is an update with a lot of the old stuff and a few new items. Almost all of the photos are now getting on a bit and I am planning a regular “rambling” spot detailing my adventures and thoughts on a variety of issues. Not everything from the old site has made it here yet, but most of it will in good time.


The background image is a photo of a one-time constant travelling companion of mine, Christmas G Panda, who was hand-knitted by a friend many years ago. He has now largely retired from his travelling activities due to fragility, although he usually accompanies me on my walking expeditions.


Mail me with your thoughts, comments, just to say hello, or confirm that I really am mad!



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